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Join ESHRE expert debrief!

An expert round debriefing the clinical highlights

Saturday July 16th, 2022
9.00 –11.30 am (UTC+2)

What was the best of 170 oral presentations, 230 invited lectures and 800 posters? Come and join us as we extract and dissect the essentials from ESHRE 2022 –concise, neutral and with a focus on clinical relevance.

In this live cast discussion round, the three renowned clinical experts in ART, Prof. Christophe Blockeel(Belgium), Prof. Juan Garcia-Velasco (Spain) and Prof. EfstratiosKolibianakis(Greece) will review the most eminent new data and studies from the ESHRE annual meeting in June 2022 in Milan.

Web broadcast -Live from Frankfurt Airport

Moderated by Prof. Georg Griesinger, study summaries will be presented and will be challenged for internal and external validity, importance and clinical relevance. The discussants will share their unspun view integrating study data with background knowledge and their personal practice behavior.

Prof. Georg Griesinger


Prof. Georg Griesinger
Prof. Christophe Blockeel


Prof. Christophe Blockeel
Prof. Juan Garcia Velasco


Prof. Juan Garcia-Velasco
Prof. Efstratios M. Kolibianakis


Prof. Efstratios M Kolibianakis

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