In 2024, the Reprofacts Expert Debrief will be integrated into the Reprofacts Report, which will be available at the end of July.

ESHRE 2023 – the essence – live webcast –free sign-up – critical and neutral

250+ oral presentations, 60+ invited lectures and 800+ e-posters need to be digested at the ESHRE annual meeting, held in Copenhagen, 25-28 June 2023. At the Expert Debrief meeting, we will systematically review the new studies, and will discuss the importance, robustness and clinical relevance of the new data.

Join us in discussing live the key highlights and their implications. Selection of the topics and studies is done by us, independently and neutrally. The focus is on clinically relevant novelties.

All pertinent subspecialties will be covered, having sorted the wheat from the chaff. Do not miss out on the opportunity for this live event. Expect a summary of the most important new data together with an intellectually stimulating discussion. Expect a look beyond and critically insights from our panel discussions.

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